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Practice precautions to minimize exposure to electromagnetic fields
How to protect your family
Francesca Pulcini

We human beings, we evolved through natural electromagnetic fields: electrical and terrestrial magnetic fields, sunlight, radio emissions of galaxies, rain and lightning, but in the last 50 years with the development of electromagnetic technology, have created the artificial electromagnetic fields up to a million times higher than the natural ones, to which we are still adapting, and we are so immersed that act on us as stressors. It is appropriate to adopt the principle that the Anglo-Saxons call the Prudent Avoidance. The technologies are now part of our daily lives, and none of us can do without: mobile phones, PCs, tablets, internet appliances. The important thing is knowing how to properly use, and to do that it is our right to be informed about the risks associated with their use. It should deal the media, which unfortunately not only do not, but those rare occasions when it is spoken, tend to minimize or deny the existence of dangers to human health. My role as a scientific popularizer, to make correct information. This manual will explain how to defend themselves from electromagnetic pollution in a simple but effective in order to preserve your health and that of your family and continue to use "healthy" so those who have become for us the indispensable travel companions: electromagnetic technologies .

€ 16.00  
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