Series: THE KEYS

The specializations of knowledge and the absence of a comprehensive vision of reality are undoubtedly the reasons THAT CAUSED the crisis of the dominant scientific model.

That model, otherwise, has been called the mechanistic model. He reads into the world, and living things that draw, not as a whole mind, body and spirit, but according to their parts that can alter or damage and, therefore, can be repaired or replaced by the mechanical turn. Even if it is a doctor, a philosopher, an astrologer or a chemical makes little difference.

enormously questions have grown desires, needs, aspirations to which it is unable to give answers, Over the last two centuries.

 Hence the need for recomposition of knowledge raped and pulverized. Hence the attempt, the utopia, perhaps, that EDIZIONI ANDROMEDA has been pursuing since she was born: digging in the specialisms to find, in each of them, the thread of knowledge that has been lost, and that can give every specialist research, too what might seem the most absurd, the way the whole of our thinking.

For this reason, this collection, KEYS before facing each specific research, can have the argument interpretations step by step the Treaty; keys, as well as providing the necessary tools for understanding, linking it to the original project, that of a knowledge that reabsorbs the specialisms.

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