The specialization of knowledge, aimed to economic performance, have destroyed consciousness and knowledge. This editorial space has been  created to reconstruct the knowledge and reunify the specializations in knowledge, in a route from science and through consciousness.

A space to give voice to the voiceless, in deference to the idea that it is unenforceable any form of censorship. A space to ensure the memory, because an erroneous historical interpretation leads to an erroneous political action; because ignorance of research that preceded us can take wrong turns. The history of civilization is a history of continuous repressions, but Edizioni Andromeda does not believe that the progress of thought is based on the destruction of all that has gone before ...

The need to fulfill themselves through the money is now considered a natural law. And according to this law the common sense of the offense lives his mutation: solidarity, common good, public interest "evolve" in the category of self or private interest. This space is also devoted to philosophical research, religious, social and economic analyzes the causes and propose remedies to this perverse mechanism.

The old world is falling apart: it is necessary to preserve knowledge for its reconstruction.

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