To courageously face arguments that power and political expediency do not want to discuss, seconded by the prudence of servile intellectuals, they do not leave the conformism of the judgments and interpretations that know licit and like, and allow lives quiet and easy careers.

To find those little clues that escape those who check out our cultural and addresses, showing cracks and contradictions in the system of thought that is proposed to us as the only legitimate, thus allowing a glimpse of what really takes place behind the scenes.

To recognize the search for truth need human being irrepressible, and promote this objective in an absolutely unconditional, without any constraint of content or formal nature, methodological or programmatic, in the belief that truth and freedom - of thought, of expression, of consciousness - are two sides of the same coin, and that there can not be one without the other.

To react to the subtle modern inquisition of the many "men in black" who flock to schools, universities, the media, and play, sometimes even unknowingly, the role of watchdogs of a system that disadvantage all forms of real alternative thought, and tries to eliminate a priori all of the research that are likely to put in crisis the authority of '' Order Constitute”.

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