Attilio Spiezia

Attilio Spiezia

Attilio Spiezia, was born in Naples in May 1952. After scientific studies he graduated in Nutrition Biology at the Federico II University of Naples.

Co-founder in 1980 of an Association with a strong commitment to social issues (drug addiction recovery).

Co-founder of a Residential Community and director, with his wife, of the related school. President of a Cooperative for the rehabilitation of drug addicts.

Dr. Spiezia subsequently specializes in tests for Food Intolerances and becomes the promoter of Nutrition Courses (Especially in the Vegetarian field -

Vegan). Promoter since 2005 of 1st and 2nd Level Holistic Self-Management Courses.

President of the Magie della Natura Association in Sorrento, since 2005. Expert in psycho-body techniques and training. Member of YANI: National Yoga Teachers Association. Kriya Ban since 1981.

Initiated in the 1st-4th level Kriya Yoga technique. Manager of the Montecorbo Estate in Massalubrense (NA) from 2011 to 2013.

Scholar and researcher of a constant and lasting harmony ever deeper between the human being and the environment that surrounds him, he becomes a tenacious assertor that only a Real, Profound change of Consciousness can determine a turning point in the life and politics of society. Contemporary.

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