Giuseppe Sacco

Giuseppe Sacco

Giuseppe Sacco, psychologist, psycho and therapist, professor of the Behavioral and Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy Association (AIAMC) and of the Italian Society of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy w professor of Psychology at the University of Siena, w founding member of the Italian Society of Psychosocial Medicine (SIMPS) president of Libra Scientific Association of Rome (, and director of the Italian School of kiofeedbac 'eUeurofeedbac (SIk).

and published the following books

• Cognitive - behavioral therapy techniques, 1989

• In search of vital energy, with Massimo Sperini, 1990

• The therapeutic relationship in therapy cognitive, with Lorenza Isola, 1992

• The games of the mind, 1990

• Psychotherapy and dynamic systems, 2000

• Complex integrated psychosomatics, with 4 .Testa, 2009

• Biofeedback and Psychosomatics, with 4 onato Testa, 2011

a, moreover, published numerous articles in Italian and international journals and 3a brought to the attention of the Italian public some classics of cognitive and behavioral therapy, editing the Italian edition (Principi dioterapia cognitive, 1980- Anxiety and phobias, 1988- Cognitive therapy for couples, 1990).

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