Gianluca Lemma

Gianluca Lemma

Gianluca Lemma - Born in Trieste on May 21, 1971.

From 1996 to 2000 he was in Babahoyo in Ecuador, with the NGO ACCRI, as an international volunteer, in charge of a professional training project for child workers.

From 2001 to 2005, again in Babahoyo, he is the owner of the vegetarian restaurant "Kapasurchi". Meanwhile (2002) he obtained the Diploma of "Medicinas naturales at the Universidad Cristiana Latinoamericana and in 2003 the Diploma of" Homeopathy "at the" Samuel Hahnemann "School, led by Dr. Fernando Redìn Gonzales. Finally, in 2005, he obtained the Diploma of "Promotor de medicinas alternativas" at the Universidad Politécnica Ecològica del Oriente.

From 2003 he began to practice as a homeopath and naturopathic therapist. In the years 2004-05 he was Coordinator of the course for Promotores de Medicinas Naturales of the FEMTA (Federaciòn Ecuatoriana de Medicinas Naturales Tradicionales y Alternativas).

From 2005 to 2016 he was in Trieste and again for the NGO ACCRI coordinator of information, development education and fund raising initiatives. In 2015 he received the Certificate of "Pranic Healer Associated", from the Institute of Inner Studies of Manila (Philippines).

In 2008 he edited the volume "Donne e frontiera - Ženske in meja", a collection of oral history (bilingual Italian / Slovenian) published in paper and CD-ROM by

ACCRI and the Province of Trieste. In 2015 he concluded the writing of the historical novel "The revolution of the like" (which still remains unpublished).

Since 2016 he has resided in Cuenca in Ecuador, where he works as a holistic therapist and is the owner of the “Canaruti veg-italiano” restaurant.


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