The specializations of knowledge and the absence of an overall vision of reality are undoubtedly one of the reasons for the crisis of the dominant scientific model.

That model which, in another way, has been called the mechanistic model. What the world sees, and the living beings who draw it, not in their totality of mind, body and spirit, but according to their parts that can be altered or damaged and which, therefore, can be repaired or replaced by the mechanic of turn. Whether he is a doctor, a philosopher, an astrologer or a chemist makes little difference.

For this reason this Series, THE KEYS, since we believe it is necessary that the reader, before tackling any specific research, can have the keys to reading the topic treated from time to time; keys that, in addition to providing the necessary tools for understanding, connect it to the original project: that of a knowledge that reabsorbs specialisms.

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