If you want to be healthy, this good and progressive society, with its technical power, is able to make health available to us in the form of drugs by the thousands: lots of drugs, lots of health.

Conquering the "right to health" is understood as the "right to drug" (any drug). And advertising continually reminds us of this right. In this way, one does not aim at real health, understood as global well-being, but one tries privately, individually, to take care of one's personal health, identified among other things as possession of the drug or receipt of continuous diagnostic tests, which however tend to take care of the detail by losing sight of the entirety of the body and its physical and psychological complexity. This idea of ​​health is an object of consumption itself, a cultural stereotype referring to the body only or to parts of the body, not to one's physical and mental well-being in its totality, nor to good harmony with the environment.

This series deals with documenting what concerns the right to freedom of therapeutic choice and the development of non-toxic and natural therapies, with the consequences that external factors, increasingly invasive, have on our body; pollution, acoustic and electromagnetic pollution, stress and lack of harmony with the environment, nature and its rhythms.

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